topic 137: 9 Mistakes We Commonly Make While Making Choice In Life (Episode 2)

    9 Mistakes We Commonly Make While Making Choice In Life
    Let's with the explanation of our the aforementioned points in EPISODE 1 can affect our lives. 

     1)  Making choice “not to” because of the fear of failure: this is one of the decision most of us are making in life because of our pessimistic and myopic way of seeing things. We really want it, but we just don’t want to try it, and we don’t want to take the risk because of the fear of failure; and some, because of the fear of not being sure if they can handle that kind of huge success. They lack the self-trust. You’ve always been asking yourself “how will it be if I failed this?
Hope it won’t be a wasted time and resources if I failed eventually in what I’m about doing? What will the people around me say if I fail to make the interview or exam? How sure am I that this will bring out good result? Am I sure this thing will stand the test of time if I venture into it?”. It is a pity most of us focus more on the “if-it-doesn’t”, and
we give a little thought on “what if it eventually works out for us”.
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 Scot Jeller once said; ‘’majority of the people always want to avoid failure in what they do rather than seeing and chasing after the opportunity in what they do”. Trying to avoid failure does not mean you are trying to get success, you are only trying to compensate for your fear of failure. It is when you are trying to use any and every slight opportunity to chase after it (regardless of “if-or-no” failure) that really means success pursuit.

The fear of failure is what I defined in one of my previous articles as the Future Expectation Appearing Rough. When your expectation of something is too rough to your sight and your mind, then fear sets in. The roughness you are beclouded with is affecting you from seeing the possibilities of “what if it works out”. One mysterious thing about fear is that, fear (beside the fact that it is not real), it has nothing to contribute to the solution we are looking or hoping for. It rather distance or debar us from making the progress and success we desired.

2   2) Making choice “to” because you want to impress people: sometimes we are guilty of making some wrong decision by doing what we are not meant to. Because we want to impress people, (be it our parents, our boy/girlfriends, the people we respect, adore or love) we find ourselves doing it. I’m not saying it is bad to try to impress people (depending on your belief), but when it comes to making some crucial and real life decision, making decisions just to impress people can be very precarious. You need to wake up and be matured in mind. Life may not be fun sometimes. Know that the outcome or the repercussion of each decision you make today will be dawn on you tomorrow. You will be the only one to eventually carry your cross, while people you were trying to impress are nowhere to be found. The impression you made through your choice only last for a day, in facts few minutes, but the regret or implication that follow suit may last for years. Is hope alive?
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