topic 138: 9 Mistakes We Commonly Make While Making Choice In Life (episode 3)

9 Mistakes We Commonly Make While Making Choice In Life
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3) Making choice “to” because you have been overwhelmed with joy:  sometimes in life, we tend to make decision in life that we shouldn’t because we are too overwhelmed with joy. We are not being sensitive enough to think of the pros and cons of the decision before we dabble into it. You made a choice by saying a quick yes to a guy
because you think he is too precious to lose. You made a choice to enter a business deal because it sounds cool to your ear when you have not even thought of the other side of the deal. We are more predisposed to making a mistake when we hurriedly make decisions from excitement than when we are not. The best decision, most times, do no
t come when the brain is hyperactive because of excitement. Take life with ease and be patient with every step of your decision. If you jump into it without a careful thought, you will jump out of it with a much thought.

4) Making choice “not to” because of the present situation: Due to our present status or circumstances in life, we sometimes subdued ourselves under the inferiority complex. We impede ourselves from taking the bold steps just because of who we define ourselves to be today. You believe, that girl or guy is too big for you. You settle by telling yourself, well she is just out my league. She will definitely say a NO. You refuse to submit the proposal because you feel there are 1,001 people out there that are just too better than you; so what do I have upstairs to compete with those guys.  I’m challenging you today, my friend; the chance to get that dream job, appointment, deal or that dream girl or guy of yours is about swaying away if you wouldn’t act with optimism and self-confidence. That right choice that may spur you the job of your dream is about fizzling away just because of your low self-esteem. Why can’t you just take the bold step, and be satisfied you made the positive choice, even if you wouldn’t get it. Leave no chance for regret, but rather learn from your failure. 

5) Making choice “not to” because of critics: sometimes we are scared of making certain choice in life because we are so anxious and pay much concern to what people may say about us or about our decision. But in the real sense, do they really matter?  Should their opinion really define what you do, if is right and progressive? The funniest thing is that most of these people you see around are not ready to give a constructive criticism, but to tell you something that will discourage you or give you some ridiculous reasons why it is not feasible. They criticize you only to frustrate your effort. You make a decision that you want to be the youngest president in your country? Do you think it is impossible? But people out there will always ask you, “do you think this is possible? Do you think this is not a pie in the sky”? some will even humorously tell you, ‘it is like you want to die young; beside many people have tried it in the past but they failed’

They will tell you it is only a day-dream. They will remind you hundreds of people that have tried it and failed. They will say you are not better than those people. My friend, don’t ever listen to them! Whatsoever your mind conceives, you can definitely achieve. Just for you to take the first step by making the “right and firm” decision to go for your dream. Is hope alive?

 They are jealous and they wish they can be you. They wish they can do what you want. They wish they can have that huge dreams of yours. They wish they have the zeal and the strength to do that thing you want to do.  This is why you must be less concerned about what they say when you are making some right decision of progress. Why not take the bold step and make it work, rather than listening to what critics would say? If you know you are not doing the wrong thing, then give no power to their words.

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