topic 139: 9 Mistakes We Commonly Make While Making Choice In Life (episode 4)

9 Mistakes We Commonly Make While Making Choice In Life 
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6)Making choice “to” because of the outward appearance of deceitfulness:  Although both the male and female have a shared disposition of mistakes as regard this point, the ladies are more of a victim. They go more after the resources and luxury.

Most ladies have this mentality of "who wants to suffer with just any guy", but at the end they suffer brutality, punches, heartbreak, among others. They softly go
into marriage with that famous and rich guy, but they are thrown out of the marriage shamelessly. It is not strange to our ears that "not everything that glitter is gold, but how deep do we understand this statement"?

7) Making choice “not to” because of sadness: we sometimes wallow so much in our pain, loss, sorrow and failure, and we submerged ourselves up to the extent that we refuse to take the necessary step that will (or that may) help us later in the future. I pretty understand how loss or sorrow can so much affect the state and the thinking faculty of a man. One thing we need to know is that, “even out of the moon comes the blood moon”. Albeit nobody prays for such, we need to understand that some of these things are quite inevitable (for instance death). By knowing this, we would be able to prepare ourselves for the worst life may offer us, but knowing fully well that we are meant to come out a victor. Improving in this area will help to always pick up yourselves and not allow the situation to affect your immediate and important decisions in life. Develop the mentality that sometimes, "what has happened can never be changed, but what is yet to come can still be twisted". That which can be changed is not what is in the past, but what is yet to come. And that is the more reason why you need not to dwell so much in your past. 

8) Making choice “to” because of emotion: most of the time we found ourselves in a limbo. We are in a dilemma of making a decision on whether to or not to do it. We are prone to more mistakes here, not because we are not strong enough to make the right choice, but because most times we allow our hearts to rule over our head. Meaning, we allow our emotion to blow us away from making the right judgement from our sense. Sometimes we don’t have to follow our heart in making a decision in life. We rather should lead our heart in the right way. Listen carefully to what your intuition and instinct is telling you before you make a conclusion. The heart of man is so flexible and it can be easily manipulated by deception and feelings.

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