topic 141: Oppression, A Sore To The Wound In Humanity(episode 2)


Oppression, A Sore To The Wound In Humanity
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What a shame! What a pity! Because you pay her stipend salary, you turn her into a slave. Because you promise her little, you expect her to bear all your cross for you. To all the bosses out there: think twice and put yourself in their position before you act. Before you give an order, how would you feel if you were to be in their shoe.
You discomfort others for your own comfort. What a selfish act! You maltreat people under you because you think you are superior to
them. You are taking advantage of them because they feed from the dime you give them.

I always feel like a helpless baby bird when I see people around me being oppressed because they seem hapless. It pains me down to my marrow when I am powerless to intervene or help out in such situation. Humanity has been wounded so much because of our callous and inhumane nature. Wickedness, pride, nonchalant expression, and the absence of love have entrenched us to the extent that humanity in now lost in humanity.

Oppression is one of the order of the day, and we seize each single opportunity that comes our way to oppress our neighbor, once we know things work better for us than them.
No forever, nothing last forever bro. Tables can turn any day. The fact that he or she is inferior to you today doesn’t mean he or she cannot be in a position to be superior to you one day. the person you oppressed today may be in the only position to help you tomorrow. Everybody you meet in life has one thing or know one thing that you don’t know, and that particular thing may be just the only thing you may need with urgency. Never underestimate any human being.   Before you say do this, put yourself into his or position.

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