topic 140: Oppression, A Sore To The Wound In Humanity(episode 1)

Because you promise him a stick of carrot a day, you demand from him a log of timber every day; that is an oppression. I heard someone said “even my dog feed better than some of u”; that is an oppression mixed with foolishness. I heard another person said “even my unborn child is richer than you”; that is an oppression concocted with stupidity.

Oppression from leaders to followers, oppression from bosses to their servants, oppression from the powerful to the powerless, oppression from
the older to the younger, oppression from the men to women, oppression from the some to the disabled, oppression from the elite to the masses, oppression from those that have ‘the say’ to the voiceless, oppression from the accepted to the rejected, oppression from the privileged to the less privileged, , oppression from the greatest to the least, to mention a few.
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Recently I was sitting on a rail thinking about nature, and as I was looking around, I coincidentally saw the wife of a boss who has an office just near where I was sitting. Downstairs, in the compound, she opened the boot of her car, and she was about offloading the luggage when she suddenly stopped. She went upstairs into her husband’s office, and back coming out, I saw her with the office secretary, both walking downstairs towards the car. The secretary was a breastfeeding mother. On getting to the car, she ordered the secretary to offload all the luggage. Counting from where I was, I saw at least 6 bags being offloaded. The secretary had to back the laptop bag and put the remaining 5 bags in the two hands. She felt stuffy and hopeless. I could see the discomfort on her face. The wife of the boss didn’t carry anything except the car key, and she was walking majestically right behind the lady secretary.  is Hope alive?

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```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````BY: OLUKAYODE FADAIRO


Even the poor opress themselves

Wickedness is inherent in human nature.any slight edge or advantage a man or a woman has against the other he or she will surely want to use it to make others uncomfortable for their own parochial interest

Parents opress their children using money or school fees as an instrument

Bosses opress their surbodinate to do their bidding using salary as an instrument

Teachers use power against their students using grades as an instrument
Husband uses violence or emotional manipulation against their wives to control their character and do their bidding
Wives opress their house helps with violence

And the cycle goes on and on.human beings generally will opress if they have the opportunity to. Its not only the rich over the poor

its an individual thing. Some people just can't help the "I'm better than you feeling". It cuts across board from children to adults. They are happy to show off the edge they have over others. The adults teach their children to show unnecessary dominance... even the once poor becomes aggressively dominance after God hear their prayers. It is quick to forget how much hurtful it was being the oppressed. Just fear God and respect humanity. All will be well.

When you have money and also crave power that's when you start oppressing people around you as too much money craves power to oppress it only takes the grace of God to have money and be content without power

Sometimes I feel they do that to prove to the world that they can do anything, and others are beneath them...or they seek some form of worship or acceptance from people

It takes God's grace or the proper upbringing for one to remain humble despite the position of power

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