topic 142: Top Things to Do When Life Frustrates You (episode 1)

Top Things to Do When Life Frustrates You
Frustration comes in life after you have patiently endured, persisted and you have undoubtedly given all within you, but at some juncture it seems all the waiting, all the spent time and all the expended energy do not really worth it.
No green light seems to be near, and you are on the verge of giving up. You become so distressed and all you think of doing next is just to give up. At that point, many
thought skim through your mind and you become so confused, lost between “keep moving” or “stop”. I need you to know that the decision you make at that point will really shape the dreams you conceived.
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Frustration is a short time (but significant) challenge in life that you don’t fight by being frustrated. Frustration is an anti-passion mechanism that affect a man’s pursuit for success. It slows you down; it brings friction, gives you a big doubt and eventually a twist in your direction, if you would succumb. You can only fight frustration by belief and faith (both the self-belief and the strong belief you have in what you want to achieve in what you are investing the time on). The belief is all you need to keep the hope alive. Try to get this point today: “Anytime the hope of man is kept alive, there is no frustration that can ever subdue his passion to getting what he dreams”. Hope reignites passion, brings clarity and shows human the more reason why he must never give up.

You don’t fight frustration by sitting down at your comfort zone without a counter reaction to the frustration. The more you sit, the more the bad thought, the more the frustration, and eventually, the more you get frustrated. You are not actually being frustrated because of the situation, but because it seems you are on the losing side of the battle. Is hope alive?

Frustration in life can be likened to a boxing ring duel. It is never a postponed match, even if you maneuver a way to postponing your own, life will definitely look for a way to give it back to you (but now in double folds). It is either someone loses and the other wins. Same as frustration! It is either you lose, and the frustration wins, or the otherwise.
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