topic 144: Placing your Pain Above your Dream!

Placing Your pain above your dream!
Three things make us give up so easily in life. It is either you just live with no dream at all, or you have one but you don’t think it is ever worth fighting for, and finally, it is because we place our pains far above our dreams.
Because of the weight and burden of the pain or the suffering the people above us or our environment subject us, we tend to put aside the dreams we carry just to exhaust the pain we bear. We put the burden of our shame, our failures, our mistakes, our pasts, our status, our abuse, etc. far above the dream we need to nurture.

The previous two factors are of high significance also, but for the purpose of this article, I will be focusing more on the last factor, which is placing your pain above your dreams.

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If your dream is more important than your pain, then you will forgive yourself of the mistakes you made yesterday, and give yourself another chance. If your dream is stronger than your pain, you will fend off the abuse and gossip of those people (friends and enemies) around you. If your dream is more important, you will not be intimidated by the words of those people that are saying ‘you can never make it in life’. If your dream is more important, you will not give up because of the failure of the past. If your dream is more important, the way your superior is treating you will not derail you off your focus. If your dream is more important, you will give no consideration to those that refuse to believe in you. If your dream is more important, you will not be carried away by critics and criticism.

Many dreams have died, some fizzled out and some crumbled along the way; not because there was no intrinsic ability to make it come to pass, but because they wouldn’t overcome the pain and the test of time. Even our Lord Jesus Christ was almost giving up, but He quickly realized the greater dreams and glories ahead of him, and ultimately he placed His potential glories above the present pains. He encountered emotional and physical pain, but He kept on pushing through the pains, knowing fully well the crown that awaits him.

Pain doesn’t last forever; it only comes to teach, leaving behind a scar.  It is always for a short time, but irrespective of the nature or magnitude of the pain, it has come to make a mark. Not just an ordinary mark, but the one that will either make you stronger and better or it destroys you forever. How your pain turns out to be is in your hand. Never give up because hope is alive.
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This article is dedicated to a great friend as she adds another year today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RHODA OSAGO

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I'd rather see this as 'placing your dreams above your pain'
Well done sir
Hope is alive
N life is worth fighting for
N happy birthday to Rhoda

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