topic 145: Why the need to be grateful to God after all? (episode 1)

Why the need to be grateful to God after all?
“It’s like my life is an experiment before God. I don’t even think He cares about me or my existence. Or is God’s existence we were told, a mere fairy tale? Despite all I have given to life; my prayers, my supplications, my persistence, hard labor, to mention a few;
but see where I am today. I am still crawling and struggling with life when my contemporaries are flying. Things are everyday falling apart for me. I have given much to life than what I am and where I am today. Even people that, ordinarily, are not at my level are now far above me”. Why me? Why is life turning this way for me?”  That was Kunle’s statement as I overheard.

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I felt broken where I sat and I was going to ask myself the affirmation of the existence of God if life wouldn’t just give according to how we labored, worked and prayed. I was going to ask myself the significance of time and chance in the life of a man. I was going to question God and indirectly tell God life is not fair (But I was wrong also). Momentarily, my eyes flipped through on the headset I was holding in my hand. The left side just got spoiled few days after the right side spoiled. It was at this moment the answer to Kunle’s plight came to me, and I want you the reader to learn from this.

Few days ago, I felt sad when one side of my expensive headset got spoiled. Prior to this time, I would take good care of the headset, I would protect it from falling, I would only use it on special occasions. But the moment the right side got spoiled, I lost all the passion towards caring for the other side that was still working. I didn’t appreciate the second side of the ear piece again despite the fact that it was still working pretty well. I underestimated the importance of the single working side because the other side was not functioning. Ultimately the truth dawned on me when the both sides wouldn’t work at all. Is hope alive?

A one-eyed my will never appreciate the single working eye until the other becomes blind, an amputated man will not appreciate the other leg until the second is no more. The poor man will never appreciate his life until he is tied down by a terminal illness. You will never appreciate your two square meal until you truly understand the meaning of hunger without certainty of the next meal.
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