topic 147: A man that raises hand to beat the wife?

A man that raises hand to beat the wife?
#beat_no_wife. Show me a man that raises hand to beat his wife, and I will ask: “is their hope for such a man”? This irritates me a lot when I hear a man raising his hand to beat the weaker lady he once professed his love for. A lady he knelt down to propose to?
You have turn yourself into one mighty Big Show that has found a hapless punching bag to be boxing around? Don’t be a coward; if you need someone to flex your muscle on, why not
go to the street and challenge the “baddos and baddest out there”, and let them teach you a lesson of life.

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Where has the initial love gone? Why is the love missing now? Why has he forgotten what initially brought them together? The day a man would raise a hand to beat the wife is the day he lost the crown of being the head. He is nothing but a mere husband without a kingdom.

Do you know what it takes to be a woman and what it takes to be a mother? Have you ever imagined the pain and stress right from the day you laid her on bed, to conception, to carrying, for 9 months, the load you injected? Have you ever thought of the pain of labor? Oh my God! What a pity! Have you ever imagined the stress of the baby right from the day of delivery? The disturbance, the cry and the pain inflicted by your innocent baby? From baby one to baby three, four, etc.  Can you imagine carrying a weight of about 7.5pounds every day, for a duration a 9 months?

Dear sir, you have got to have a rethink today? It is a shame. Regardless of what she might have done, there is always a better way of punishing, “ if you would be a wise man”. Never put the judgment in your fist, my dear fathers out there. Don’t be a coward. Apply the brain and the heart rather than the triceps and biceps muscles. Don’t be a pain in the ass and a disgrace to humanity and to God.

The women out there, irrespective of their nature, character or attitude, deserve our care and respect. They don’t deserve our punches but our heart. Love them, respect them, care for them and, for your own good, you will always retain the respect of humanity and God.

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Such a man is known to be a coward

d day any man raises up his hand against a woman ehn
dat man is not deserved 2 be called a man again.....yet women dey vex us....can't u just walk out on her so u won't be pushed 2 d wall

Ooh pls
I don't support men beating their wife

buh don't bring up dat poo of....... the pains of a woman nd carrying a child for 9 months talk

Men literally carry the whole family... U nd ur 9 months till they die

So don't give me that crap


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