topic 148: Save our children, preserve our glory and future

Save our children, preserve our glory and future
Where is our sense of humanity, humility and godliness? It is a pity we are failing humanity because of our nonchalant attitude towards the less privileged and the hopeless ones in our societies. I beseech you all: save our children and secure our future.
They do not belong to the street. They do not belong to the road side. They do not deserve the poor attitude and negligence towards them. They belong to the future; they are our future. They are what we should look up to, and it will be a
huge mistake by looking down on them or by forsaking them today. They deserve our best, our love and our care. They are our future. Show them love, irrespective of whose wards they are.

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Have you ever felt the extremity of hunger before? These are what these children face almost every day. I have been with them, I have lived with them; I know and I feel their pain. I see the pain in their eyes anytime we converse.
They are broken, and they cry within every day. But see you! You, your children and family are relishing the thigh of a chicken and the savor of that well spiced meal, but you have forgotten those less privileged ones who can’t afford the nail of a chicken, let alone the leg.

The children we ignore to rust on the street today will become the vagabond of tomorrow. They grow to become the kidnappers, the robbers, the burglars, and rascals of tomorrow. It is my duty and your duty not to forget these hopeless ones.
If you choose to close your eyes and ignore them today, the impact of what they turn out to be tomorrow, will definitely open your eyes one day. By then, it might be too late.

You or your children may be privileged not to be in their position today, but can you just try to put yourself in their shoe? Try to be humane, try to feel their pain, their struggle and hustle.
Remember "not he who has much is rich, but he who gives much". It is not a function of how much you give, neither is it measured on how big it looks. It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving. Even a smile, a hug and a shake, with a deep and genuine sense of it, can go a long way putting smile on another person’s face. It means more than you may think. It makes the person feel loved and the feelings of “being cared for” reignites hope for tomorrow.

Is Hope Alive is beseeching you today; touch a life and save a child today.

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For Counsel, for testimony, contact us via WhatsApp on +2347066352274 or mail us on ishopealive@gmail.com.

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