topic 150: Living larger than life? Stop faking up realities

Living larger than life? Stop faking up realities
Stupidity can be the best term to describe it when your extravagant expenses (just to impress people) are far more than your petty income. You envy the lives of those stars and celebrities, but you have forgotten most of them are living nothing but fake lives;
they face reality at the corner of their room. Why not try to be yourself and work diligently to achieve those big dreams you
have? Be diligent and you will sit among kings. Be a fake and you vanish out like a slave.
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It is not a crime to live a large life (if you are capable and genuinely have all it takes), but it is a psychological sickness when all what you do is to deceive yourself (and others), pretending to be what you are not. At the end, you fizzle out like flame.

There is more to this life than faking up what you aren’t. There is more to what you are meant to be than to be living a wasted fake life. You are a girl out there and all you want is that Brazilian hair that your pocket and your parents cannot afford. All you passionately desire is just to get someone’s ready-made hair for yourself. You put so much pressure on yourself and you go extremely low on your entity as a virtuous woman, and succumb for just any guy who is ready to give you a stick and carrot at the same time; all in the name of a "Brazillian wig" that would not last more a couple of months.

You are a guy out there, and all you just want is to ride the most expensive four wheel to impress the ladies, though you have nothing upstairs that can earn you this. Instead you have chosen the go-get-it by any means in as much as it guarantees you getting the ride. Why can’t you forget that fake life and focus on building yourself than destroying yourself.  

Remember this always, you can never be C. Ronaldo or Messi or Olamide or, Whizkid, you can only be yourself. Have you ever seen the best copycat in the world? They can only try to be like them, but they can never be them . Who lied to you that you can never surpass these people if you would be dedicated, diligent, committed to working and being yourself? 
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