topic 153: The round table of life

The round table of life
To the rich guys out there who brag, ridicule and belittle the lesser ones; to the wealthy ones who are intimidating the less privileged; to the money hoarders who believed so much in the power of their money; to those who maltreat others because they feed from the stipend you pay them, be careful.

For a wise man, the last thing you want to underestimate in life is the potential in every human being. The table of life is not constant; it turns around. That hopeless boy, girl, man or woman that you see today can be your hope for tomorrow. Within a twinkle of an eye, the tattered man you saw yesterday in the miry clay can be the one that will build a castle on the rock tomorrow.
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Life turns around. It can turn either ways (good or bad). That is just the irony of life. Few years back, Jack Ma (Alibaba CEO) was only a forgotten English teacher from nowhere.  Steve Job was collecting coke bottle for money and walk miles just to eat free lunch in a temple. Cristiano Ronaldo was the rejected last son of a poor ex-military man. Lionel Messi was serving tea in a tea shop just for money. Barrack Obama was once one Kenyan village boy. Alberts Einstein was too dull for school. These are few examples among many others. When the mysterious table of life would turn around for these people, they became what we call “phenomenon”.  

The least you see today, the hopeless ones you see around you, and the forsaken ones in your environment can, one day, be among the greatest tomorrow. Never use the outward appearance to judge any man. Never use the present status of a man to undermine what the person could be tomorrow. The outside might be minority, but the inside might be magnanimously big beyond human comprehension. It is just a matter of time and chance.

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