topic 155: Can I still ever love again? (episode 2)

Can I still ever love again? (episode 2)
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To let go, sometimes, is not a sign of weakness but of wisdom and maturity. At some point, you’ve got to let go after you have tried your best holding onto it, yet he or she has refused to be persuaded. The fact that he or she ditched you for another doesn’t mean you are inferior to the other guy.
You need to starts seeing more values within yourself and place yourself above any inferiority complex.   
You don’t have to hurt or kill yourself because the partner leaves or dumps you. 

What is meant for you will definitely not elude you if you are on the right track. It comes back even if it runs miles away. It is not a crime to be disappointed or let down by people, but it will be a huge mistake if you let the disappointment sway you off the path that should prepare you for the better and beautiful things that are yet to come.

Let him go, he is not the only handsome rich dude out there. Forget about her; there are other one million and one pretty girls out there. Though love can truly be beautiful, in the same vein it can be destroying if you would allow your heart to rule over your head.

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