topic 157: Can I still ever love again? (episode 3)

Can I still ever love again?
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The fact that he or she lets you down doesn’t guarantee every other person you meet in life will treat you the same way. What happen in your last relationship was only a means for you to learn something from someone or some set of people.
This kind of event should make you strong and well prepared for a better relationship that is yet to come. Trust me, if he or she was perfectly meant for
you, he or she would never elude you.

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No man is indispensable and no feelings is irreplaceable. Are you afraid of replacing him? or are you afraid you may not get over the feelings? This is a self-deception for an ignorant being. God has given us the chance to get over pains and troubles unless we choose to confine ourselves within the boundary of “I can’t”. Time will heal whatever the pain, the trouble or the challenges may be. The problems you see today will fade away if you will free yourself from the deceptive imagination of “I can’t”.

Can I still ever love again is synonymous to saying, can I still ever make it in life again? it shows nothing, but your worth if you would allow someone’s poor treatment on you to determine your next level in life. In life, there is room for falling but there is always an accompanying choice to remain on the floor or to pick up ourselves anytime we fall.

The statement “Can I still ever love again comes when you are looking often at the past”. You can never concentrate on the future when you allow the past to dominate your present. That is why you keep knocking your head on the wall. Your head can never be in two places at the same time. Give to the past and you get drawn back to the pain of the past, but give to the future and you long more for the amazing that is yet to come.

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