topic 158: God Has a Better Plan for Every Human On Earth But… (episode 3)

God Has a Better Plan for Every Human On Earth But… (episode 3)
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1.       3: Inability to cross some significant hurdles at specific junction in our lives:
It is quite true that God has a special plan for every human on earth, but He has not made the way to the fulfillment of the plan to be as smooth as a football pitch.
At a certain juncture in our lives, we remain at a point for so long and we tend to think God is not doing enough. We sometimes neglect
the fact that the genesis of the problems can be us, ourselves.

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We become the genesis of our problems when we get to a juncture where we ought to take that tough decision and act, yet we refuse because of the fear and doubt within us. Sometimes we want God to just do everything for us like a baby who needed to be spoon-fed.

God will only tell you not to worry and move on when you meet with the red sea on your way, but He will never come down and drag you to move. Well if you are fortunate enough, you will see a Moses-like that will propel you to move. But not of all us will have this kind of opportunity. You need to be your own Moses if the need be. You need to tell yourself, “I just have to move and cross this hurdle, or I remain here for long”.

The truth is, most factors around you don’t want you to move ahead in life. The enemies you know and don’t know are always prepared and eagerly wating to have a last laugh over you.  Some friends around you are happy you are moving on the same level and pace with them. you think they love you? They can’t just wait to stylishly tell you, “hmm I feel for you”.

But never forget you are not alone in this world. Life is miracle, your own life is a miracle and you have got The Miracle working God behind you. All you need is just to take the step even when it seems impossible.  Even if the circumstances look bleak. Just do it and leave no regret for the future that “how I wish I had done it that time”.

4              Lazily Hiding Under Prayers: to be continued...

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