*MY NATION, MY NIGERIA** America is no better than us, not even Russia, Germany, China, France or any other great nations out there. But we have a problem that is laying us off where we truly belong (among the best and the greatest). The problem is us, the Nigerians.

 The Nigerians that have not seen anything good about our nation, the Nigerians that keep cursing our dear nations, the leaders that keep hoarding the wealth
of the nation for themselves and their cursed generations, the Nigerians that discriminate their neighbors because they are not of their religion and tribe, the Nigerians that keep supporting every iota of corruption and corrupt leaders because they are being given stipends or because they are of the same religion or tribe, 

the good  Nigerians that are hiding in the cribs because of fear of not surviving among the wicked, the religious leaders that have turn our mosques and churches from a solace and fortress into business enterprises, duping and problem aggravating centers, the Nigerian leaders(dead or alive) that have sold our futures due to their stupidity, selfishness and greed, the forefathers who have refused to correct the mistake right from the onset, 

the Nigerian youths who are more despirate to embezzle and destroy our nation for the sake of their pocket and for revenge, to the elders who have refused to pay the true sacrifice for us, and to you who have refused to act right in lifting our nations. Let them know, Nigeria will rise again by the grace of God. We will rise to where we truly belong, among the best and the greatest. God bless Nigeria. Happy independence day. 


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