topic 166: Not even love is enough to sustain a relationship (episode 1 )

Not even love is not enough to sustain a relationship
“I love him, yet everything seems not to be going on smoothly between us. I love her, but I can’ t be with her no longer. I’m tired! I don’t even understand him despite the fact that I love him so much. Yea, she is beautiful and good looking for me and I care for her, but it seems we are just incompatible”.

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These are some of the statements that come from the
mouth of confused love birds. I believe it without a dispute when I first heard this statement from one of my counselee. She was sobbing profusely and subconsciously made the statement: “Now I know it takes more than love to keep a relationship going”.

It takes more than a lip talk, more than profession of love, more than conviction that you truly love him or her. It takes more than the money he spends on you. It takes more than the fun, the pleasure, the sex and the “unspoken words”. Relationship is beyond all these factors.

Compatibility: Relationship is like a puzzle, and it takes someone that will fit in like a jigsaw or someone that will slot in like a round peg into a round hole. That is the reason the person you despise is a source of joy to another person elsewhere. What you dislike about the person is what another person craves for. Of all things that love can sustain or endure, incompatibility is not part of them. Incompatibility in thinking, in goal chasing, in mentality, in perception and others.
You can fall in love with anybody in life, irrespective of the disparity, be it in religion, in status, in color, etc., but you can never be compatible in mind with everybody. That is why I always advise my counselee; before you progress with the relationship, check for the compatibility.

Compatibility is so crucial, and it is one of those things that define the level of trust you would have for the person. Remember, relationship crashes like an airplane when the level of trust between the two birds is low.

Also takes a big maturity which is the bedrock of understanding. Watch out for the episode 2

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