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I am a Nigerian. I am a kind of person that has difficulty reading inspirational or motivational books. It is not because I really hate reading them, but they make me feel sleepy when I carry them. But one fateful day, I saw a posted topic on my Facebook by ishopealive blog. The article was concise and extremely inspiring. I was motivated to even share this post on my Facebook page for others to see. Since then, I’ve been reading articles from this blog, since they are very short and meaningful, but above all, it has been life building for me. It is changing my negative mentality about life.
Biodun Olawale.

 The post that captured my attention on this blog is that post titled “should we say most parents are selfish”? At first, the topic looks stupid to me. I asked myself how on earth someone could term parents selfish. I was so curious, and I needed to read this article. I was very amazed to of what I saw. I realized the author was very right. As a father, I examined my life and I realized I have been very selfish in my dealing with my children. I have always choose for them what will indirectly favors me at their own detriment. Since that day, I have been a changed person

Joano Benz.

Goodeveing..i came across your articles this evening and with all honesty those messages has added values to my life...i will be glad if there is a way i can subscribe so as to get new article.
Fabunmi Blessing

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