Is hope alive team is a group that consist of YOUNG HUMANITARIANS, POLITICIANS, ACTIVIST, WRITERS, SPEAKERS, among others. But one thing is essential, that is the fact that we are POSITIVE-MINDED young visionaries. 

WE ARE NOT RASCALS, rather we do things with a calm mind and intellectual sense. We seek peace, and we walk towards achieving peace.
We want to take over Nigeria through the power of social media. We express our mind, fight for the mass, be their voice, and express our grievances through a sound and peaceful means.

We have a great hope for Nigerians and for the future of Nigeria. We believe in a better Nigeria, and we would not give up on our future.
Also, we build the future of Nigeria by building a better leaders for tomorrow. We want to right the wrong of our present and past leaders. We believe we will get there. Yes we can, and we will.

If you are interested in joining the team, you can contact or chat up Olukayode on 07066352274 or mail us on ishopealive@gmail.com.

How to be engaged in these activities would be communicated to you.

We love the fact that we give answers to souls who keep asking if hope is alive. We love the fact that we put smile on people's face, touch there lives, care for the less-privileged, voice for the voiceless, hope for the nation, to mention a few. We know that life may not give us what we deserve but they must give us what we decide. Believe me you, what we decide is great and unimaginable. It is the fact that we want to change the world around us in an exceptional way. Are you a young humanitarian, young politician, young writer/speaker, young activist, etc, and you are passionate about changing the world positively, join the team today. contact 07066352274 or mail us at ishopealive@gmail.com. #ishopealivedotcom

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